1. Pro-Family: “No governmental institution or program will ever be able to successfully replace the role of the divinely ordained family in civilized society. I am the husband of my wife, Dianne, for more than 43 years, the father of 6 children, and the grandfather of 17 grandchildren.”


2. Pro-Life: “I cannot imagine anything that is more repugnant to God than the killing of innocent life in the womb. Dianne and I have never submitted to, performed, arranged for, paid for, consented to, or encouraged an abortion. I have been a member and financial contributor to Alabama Lawyers for Life for many years.”


3. Pro-Military: “The most effective means for preserving the peace is to be prepared for war. I completed boot camp at Ft. Bragg, NC, was a distinguished ROTC Military Graduate, and served state-side as a First Lieutenant during the Viet Nam War. I have a son teaching at West Point.”


4. Pro-Constitution: “I am a devoted student and advocate of the U. S. Constitution, the American history out of which it arose, and the patriotic Americans who brought it into being under divine guidance. For years, I dressed as George Washington and made history presentations to the public and private schools in Elmore County.”


5. Pro-Civic Involvement: “We all have civic dues to pay in time and resources if we are to improve the quality of life in our communities. I have served as president of the Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, Stadium Foundation, and Children’s Home. I have served on the board of directors of the YMCA, Joe Sewell Award, Friends of Redland Elementary, Edgewood Academy, and Community Foundation, and have been a youth league coach of football, basketball, and baseball.”


6. Pro-Private Sector: “If you are looking for a government bureaucrat who wants to be a career politician, then I am not your man. This is my first political race. I favor term limits for elected officials who return to private non-lobbying jobs following their term of service.”


7. Pro-Work Ethic: “I believe in self-reliance. Every able-bodied man is responsible for his own temporal well being. Government should protect, not impede, the freedom for each of us to choose our own course, solve our own problems, and provide for our own needs with the labor of our own hands and minds. I have worked as an attorney, a farmer, a saw miller, a sports agent, a real estate investor, a records searcher, a title insurance agent, and a bank director, and mostly all at the same time.”


8. Pro-Rule of Law: “I believe in honoring, obeying and sustaining the law. No one is above the law’s enforcement and no one is below the law’s protection. I served as the attorney for our sheriff and his department for more than a decade. My wife Dianne worked as the chief jail nurse. We have a son who graduated from the Montgomery Police Academy and has a master’s degree in criminal justice.”


9. Pro-Second Amendment: “We have a right not to be disarmed by our own government. I believe in the natural right of private citizens to bear arms for purposes of self-defense and self-preservation. We have a right of self-protection against criminals, foreign invaders, internal insurrectionists, and the violently oppressive acts of any governmental leader who would unconstitutionally usurp power. I have always been an avid hunter, fisherman, and outdoorsman.”


10. Anti-Taxes: “We are taxed enough already. We do not fix government-induced problems by throwing more money at them. Doing so only creates deeper problems. Government should conservatively budget our tax monies and spend within its means and authority. I led the legal fight that defeated the Montgomery County 1.5% Occupational Tax in 2003. At no cost to Elmore County citizens, I wrote the entire appellate brief and orally argued the case successfully before the Alabama Supreme Court.”